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本文摘要:高中英语熟词生义500词(用法+例句)A1.about 熟义:关于We spent the whole afternoon walking abouttown.prep.&adv.随处=(美)around2. absent 熟义:adj. 缺席的He looked at me in an absent way.adj. 茫然的,模糊的3. abuse 熟义:v 滥用,诅咒She is quite a successful career woman, butactually


高中英语熟词生义500词(用法+例句)A1.about 熟义:关于We spent the whole afternoon walking abouttown.prep.&adv.随处=(美)around2. absent 熟义:adj. 缺席的He looked at me in an absent way.adj. 茫然的,模糊的3. abuse 熟义:v 滥用,诅咒She is quite a successful career woman, butactually she’s much abused at home. v. 荼毒 4.accept vt.&vi.①同意(接受别人的看法,看法) 熟义:接受Tom accepted her explanation.汤姆同意她的解释。②认可,领受,认为I accept that the aircraft has no choicebut to crash into the sea.飞机只有坠入大海,别无他法,我只好认命了。


5. accommodate 熟义:住宿,留宿This hotel can accommodate more than 5ooguests. vt 容纳He accommodated me when I asked him forhelp. v. 准予,提供6. ache 熟义:v/n 疼痛He was aching for home. v. 盼望7.act vi.熟义:行动It takes a couple of minutes for the drugto act vi. 起作用 只需几分钟,药物就起作用了。8. acknowledge 熟义:vt. 认可,致谢He acknowledged me by lifting his hat. vt.对……打招呼9. across 熟义: prep. 越过The two roads cut across each other. prep. 与……交织,与……成十字10. advance熟义:v/n 前进,推进she asked me for an advance on her salary. n. 预付(款) Share prices showed significant advances today. n. 增加11.add 熟义:加“They don’t know.”he added.vt.接着说,又说;增补说 12.address vt.①称谓 熟义:地址,写地址The president should be addressed as“MrPresident.”总统应称为“总统先生”。②直接向……说③向……揭晓演说She turned to address the man on her left.她转身已往,向她左边的那人讲话。He is going to address the meeting in aminute.他一会儿就要在大会上讲话了。

It is said that our headmaster will addressthe meeting. vt. 向...揭晓演说13.admit vt.熟义:认可The servant opened the door and admitted me(intothe house). 允许进入 The theatre only admits 1,000 persons. 容纳14. against 熟义:阻挡,违背The picture looks good against the whitewall.prep.衬着,迎着,靠着15. age 熟义:n, 年事Worry aged him rapidly. v. 使变老16. agree with 熟义:同意Your story agrees with what I heard.与……一致Long plane trips don't agree with me.协调,适合 17.air 熟义:n.空气Don't air your troubles too often. v. 抒发;倾诉;流传)不要经常发怨言。There was a comfortable air about her room. n. 样子,神态,气氛18. alive 熟义:adj. 在世的The street are alive with people. adj.充满(活的或动的工具)19. alone 熟义:adv. 单独地,一小我私家地She alone was able to answer the question. adv. 仅仅,只有 20. amount 熟义:n. 量The cost amounted to $ 2000. v. 到达,共计What you have said amounts to a refusal. 相当于 21. announce 熟义:宣布Warm sunshine announces the coming ofspring. vt. 显示,预告22. appreciate 熟义:v. 浏览,感谢,谢谢I appreciate that I may be wrong. v.意识到=realize We appreciate the danger ahead. 23. arrival 熟义:n. 到达All stood up to welcome the new arrival.n. 到达的人或事物24. at all(熟义:常与not连用,组成not at all:不用谢,一点也不。If it is at all foggy,I shall not go out.真的,确实This is the first time that I have everbeen abroad at all.真的,确实25. arm 熟义:n.手臂Lay down your arms or we’ll fire!n.武器v.武装26. attend 熟义:出席Dr.Parialal Lal attends him.vt.&vi.看护,治疗If you go out,who’ll attend to the baby?如果你走了,谁来照看婴儿?The nurse attended to him day and night. v.看护;治疗27. arrange 熟义: v. 摆设;整理I’ve arranged with the neighbours aboutfilling the manager’s job. v. 商量28. arrest 熟义:vt. 逮捕The new medicine arrested the spread of thedisease. vt. 停止,阻止29. assume 熟义:vt. 假定,以为He will assume the directorship of theproject. vt. 担任 30. absolute 熟义:adj. 完全的,绝对的The police have absolute proof that he wasthe murderer. adj. 确切的31. accompany 熟义:vt. 陪同,伴奏Strong winds accompanied the heavy rain.v.陪同32. account for 熟义:解释说明……的原因;占……比例His illness accounts for his absence. 因为33. aggressive 熟义:adj. 好斗的,侵略的If he wants to succeed, he has to beaggressive. adj. 进取的 34. alike 熟义:adj/adv. 想象地;相似的Teachers should care for all the pupilsalike. adv. 同样地 35. allergic 熟义:adj. 过敏的I am allergic to those who could not givehelp.adj. 对……十分厌恶 36. allow 熟义:v. 允许This diet allows you one glass of wine a day. vt.使可能 37. ample 熟义:adj. 足够的,丰裕的That you stay abroad will give you amplechances to learn a new language. adj. 广泛的38. aspect 熟义:n. 方面a man with an impressive aspect n. 面目,外表,样子,外观 39. available adj. 熟义: adj. 可获得的,可找到的The worthy professor is now available.(人)有空的40. advance熟义: v./n 前进,推进She asked for an advance on her salary. n. 预付(款)Share prices showed significant advances today. n.增加41. advise 熟义: vt. 建议Please adviseus of the arrival of the goods. vt. 通知42. against 熟义: prep. 逆着,阻挡;倚,靠,碰The picture looks nice against the whitewall. prep. 映衬。